What is STONE

Yield-Bearing ETH to bring staking yields and liquidity across chains

Fully Decentralized

Non-custodial, total transparency of underlying and returns

Multi-Underlying Asset Compatibility

Support for staking pools and restake protocols

Automatic Yield Optimisation

Get automatically optimised staking yields, either holding STONE on Ethereum or Layer2s, hassle-free

Unlock Usage Scenarios on L2s

Grab extra Layer2 earning opportunities to maximize capital efficiency


Ultra-highly scalable infrastructure for omnichain liquidity

Scalable Yield-Optimizing Service

STONE provides consistently competitive yields by utilizing decentralized optimization of portfolios and allocation. It boasts high compatibility with underlying assets, such as staking pools, retaking protocols, blue-chip and more.

How Much Can I Recive?

Multi-Scenario Adaptation

STONE is designed as a non-rebase token, making it highly adaptable to various using scenarios. Upgrading the smart contract or adjusting STONE's underlying assets will not impact the issued STONE, ensuring a high level of token stability.

How Do I Repay?

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Based on LayerZero, STONE supports both assets and prices to be transferred across multiple blockchains seamlessly. Its cross-chain interoperability also enables cross-chain redemption without relying on specific chain's DEX pool liquidity.

How Do I Repay?



A growing STONE ecosystem is built among all major blockchains. STONE empowers stakers to put their staked tokens to wide use.



Exchange liquidity pools using your STONE.



STONE can be used as collateral to mint stable coin, which minimizes protocol‘s liquidity financing costs.


Lending Protocol

Using your STONE for borrowing or multiplying will cover more interest and allow for more looping yields.



STONE will play the role of crypto T-Bill portfolio for the capital principal protected structured product, also activating the liquidity of the derivatives market.


One Staking, Three Returns
In Just 3 Easy Steps


Stake ETH to get STONE

Get native staking and blue chip yields by owning STONE.



Harvest more yield from STONE-Fi eco protocols


Get rewarded

Collect liquidity incentives by locking the LP token of STONE-Fi eco protocols

Questions You Have



STONE is the best yield-bearing ETH with a decentralized yield optimizing service ready for mass adoption on layer2s.
Only the trusted staking/restaking protocols and selected blue chip protocols can be used to generated yields
Your Staked ETH is self-custodial and permissionless. StakeStone has no access to the staking assets.
No. Slippage during the transfer process will be accurately calculated.
You can request a withdrawal and StakeStone will process it according to the size of withdrawal in total.
StakeStone does support immediate withdrawal, but you need to pay gas fee by yourself.
There are no additional fees excluding the basic transaction gas fee.
You can use STONE anywhere, including but not limited to DeFi, Gamefi, NFTfi, Socialfi…on all major public chains.